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Search Engine Marketing Analysis


Search Engine Marketing Analysis

In order to develop a cohesive web-based marketing strategy, there needs to be an abstract, a plan and a goal.  With a combination of efforts, Netricks has achieved success through diligent design.  We can help your website succeed. 

In order to maximize your web-based marketing campaign, Netricks recommends the following:

SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION EVALUATION - Let's take a look under the hood, so to say...

  1. Has your site been properly put together? 
  2. Does your site have sufficient content?
  3. Is the meta data setup according to good marketing practice?
  4. Are your images and pages titled according to W3C standards?

These are just a few of the elements involved in the analysis phase.

Here at Netricks, we are constantly researching better ways to get your site place high in the search engine marketing realm. 

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