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NOW Lets try to understand it all or some of it, and maybe just maybe, I can teach you one or two things to help you learn how to harness the power of this wonderful open market we call the Internet and perhaps even show you a few tips to help you monetize your website along the way. 

First off, how many people here currently have a website or two… or ten for that matter?

How many people are in the process of getting one built or plan on it? 

I don’t have the floor to discuss web development or complete search engine marketing strategies, however, I do want to show you the analytical side of understanding the SERPs
- reminder
SERPs are Search Engine Ranking Pages - or the listing of web pages returned by search engines in response to specific keyword queries. 
The goal, the goal, the goal ***  Get indexed, get listed  SERPs
And in turn I will show you a few tools that will assist you in the further understanding of the system as a whole and SERPs.

I am a conceptual guy and I feel the need to see the large picture before breaking it all down.  So lets open up the large topic of Statistics and Analysis and then settle in to traffic and visitors to your website, how they get there, and then eventually meddle down into leads or sales for your product.

Anyone can build a website, throw it out there and not worry about it.  Maybe you will get traffic, maybe you won’t… Analytics and analytical comprehension is necessary if you are serious about traffic, where it comes from, how to get it and more importantly, how to keep it.  Gain your foot hold and don’t lose it.
So in order to get this going we need some tools.  Now not every website has a built in statistics tool, but it is easy and free to add one.  And actually it is not a bad thing to have 2 if  say perhaps your hosting company offers something integrated.  I currently use 2 different statistics systems on many of the websites that I manage.  One integrated through the host and the second, installed on the pages that I want to analyze for the websites I am watching.

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