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Opt-in Email

Send targeted email to drive visitors to your website

Netricks offers opt-in email services that enable you to inexpensively collect and send targeted email messages to one or more of your target markets. Addresses can be collected through your Web site and stored for later use. We can also import email lists that you may have purchased or collected on your own.

We will help you craft email messages that are powerfully written, appropriate to the target audience(s) and most importantly, drive recipients to visit your Web site. We have run email campaigns with response rates as high as 10\%. We will analyze the effectiveness of your campaign and optimize it over time as necessary.

Examples of how to use email campaigns effectively:

Widget Nursery uses their listserv to notify recipients of upcoming nursery events and special products. With each message Widget's goal is to drive recipients into the nursery.

ABC Corp has separate listservs setup for each of their legal specialty areas. They periodically send out messages to these distinct target audiences to keep them informed about new developments.

Netricks™  can help you develop an email list, or help you distribute messages to an email list you have collected on your own.

Contact us for a free consultation or quote and to learn more about how Netricks™ can help your organization develop and grow on the World Wide Web.

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