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Conventional Marketing

Using PR, Direct Mail & Media Purchasing to Compliment your Online Marketing.

Netricks™ also offers more traditional marketing and public relations campaigns can also provide excellent opportunities for Web site promotion.

Mailers, handouts, posters, newspaper, magazine advertising, and electronic media all provide methods of directing viewers to a Web site. Netricks has the resources to provide high-quality, effective marketing no matter what the modality.

Corporate Identification Development
You might be thinking that all of this sounds great, but you don’t even have a company logo yet. This is not a problem but another way to get value from your dollar by working with Netricks™. Your new company logo, stationary, business cards and other business supplies can be produced in conjunction with your website.

Netricks not only can bring you the highest quality web design but can also produce any level of graphical output needed. If that wasn’t impressive enough, Netricks can also oversee the printing process (work directly with printing companies).

Contact Us and let Netricks™ complement your online marketing efforts with traditional marketing vehicles.

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