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E-commerce and CRM

E-Commerce Solutions
A website with products to sell definitely needs an E-commerce solution. In today’s fast-paced world people, consumers use to the internet to make instant purchases. The common e-shopper buyer will often move to another site at the first sign of trouble.

Netricks™ will help you choose the right features when deciding on an E-commerce solution.

Advanced E-Commerce Solutions
Consider the effect a successful E-commerce solution can have on your sales. With a fully manageable catalog you will have the ability to change the pricing and description dynamically across your entire website.

Each product can have specialized pricing and discounts based on many different promotional options. Imagine a Reseller / Distributor Store where your partners can purchase your product at their wholesale, or customized pricing.

Using elements like the “Wish List” where a customer s an item that they want later or are just thinking about, this information can be later used to offer that customer a discount to close that sale. Netricks™ believes a good E-commerce solution mixed with a quality marketing strategy, your product will sell like you probably never expected. 

Customer Relations Management
Good Customer Relations Management (CRM) will simplify and likely automate often time consuming tasks.

If handled correctly, a good CRM can lead to repeat business and new customers. It's also an easy way of managing communication with resellers, customers and partners offering special pricing or other promotions. 

Netricks™ will work with you to develop a CRM system based on your needs.

Contact us for a free consultation or quote and to learn more about how Netricks™ can fulfill your E-commerce & CRM needs.

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