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Netricks Now CMS Ver2.0

Full Control Easy Updating Money saving

NetricksNow offers you full control over structure, content and design of your website. No programming knowledge is required. Now you can stop spending money and effort on IT personnel and with the help of a simple online tutorial and the NetricksNow CMS system, you can take control or your Internet future and build the website necessary to advance your WorldWideWeb position. Take charge of your site now!

With a large range of content editing tools, our powerful editor and custom CSS builder allows you to see what a web-page will look like and how everything will align prior to taking the page live. The Editor has an MS Word-like interface with standard tools for formatting text, tables and images. There are also tools for managing files, tables and links right there in the editor. Try our web-based Live Demo Site to experience our NetricksNow in action.

NetricksNow allows you to purchase only the element for your website you need at that moment. The Basic CMS consists of all the necessary modules you need to have a full functioning web system. Our system is scaleable. You can start with an affordable content management package and extend the system as your e-business grows.  We have modular componants for a vast range of vertical markets.  We also provide custom work on every level.


The modular structure of our CMS allows for easy deployment and expandability. Each module performs certain task (Web-page Manager, Catalog Manager, News Manager, Backup Manager, Gallery Manager, Links Manager, etc.). Start simple or purchase everything today. And if you have a specific need, our skilled coders can design a module specifically for you.


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Oct 29, 2012
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"Using the Netricks CMS, it made it easy to manage all the content on my website."
Daniel E. Swartz, M.D.,
Advanced Bariatric Center
Netricks offers support services for contracted clients and non-contracted clients alike. We have a ticketing support site located at Netricks Tech Support and a remote control support system to allow our technicians to assist you with your technical issues from a remote location. For more info on remote support, please click below.

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